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Before updating the plugin it is highly recommended to make a backup of your site. Read more about WordPress backups.

BackUpWordPress is a useful plugin to help you to do the backup.

What has changed? #

Updates may include new features, bug fixes and so on. See the plugin changelog to find out what was changed in the update.

How to install an update? #

There are a couple of possible ways to install a new version.

WordPress dashboard #

Using the WordPress dashboard to update the plugin is highly recommended.

When a new version is available you will see a notification on the WordPress dashboard. Update the plugin via the Plugins page or going to the WordPress Updates page by clicking the update icon on the top of the page.

Uploading with FTP #

Advanced users can also install the new version with FTP. Just upload and overwrite the plugin folder with the updated version.

Uploading via the dashboard #

One option is to install the new version by uploading it manually via the WordPress dashboard.

  1. Go to Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin
  2. Click Browse and select the plugin file
  3. Click Install Now

You will most likely get an error saying that the destination folder already exists.

The reason for this is because you already have a plugin folder on your server with the same name as the folder inside your zip file.

Now you can either rename the plugin folder on your server, or rename the folder inside the zip file.

Save the options after updating #

After you have successfully updated the theme and the plugin go to Yummy Recipes and click Save Changes. Occasionally updates include new features which require the options to be saved.

Sometimes there are new options added, so you should check those as well.