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Adding new recipes

To add new recipes go to Recipes → Add New Recipe. Adding a new recipe takes a little more attention than adding a normal blog post. Here are the steps to publish a new recipe.

Recipe post content #

When you create a new recipe you will notice that there is a recipe card block called Recipe Card automatically added in the post content.

You can write the content of the recipe just like for a normal post. The only difference to a normal blog post is that the recipe card is inserted into the post content.

You can move the recipe card block just like any other block. So it's possible to insert other blocks before and after the recipe card.

Please note that you can have only one recipe card block in a post.

You may notice that the recipe card looks different on your site compared to the post editor. The styling of the recipe card can be changed at Appearance → Customize → Yummy Recipes → Cards.

Recipe card block #

Now you can see that there are some fields to fill inside the recipe card block.

In addition to the description, ingredients and instructions you can also set for example the preparation time, cooking time, and yield for the recipe. Filling the additional fields is optional but recommended for better visibility on search engines.

On the top of the recipe card block you can select an image for the recipe. If you don't select a specific image for the recipe card the featured image of the post is used.

If the post has no featured image the default image is used. You can change the default image at Appearance → Customizer → Yummy Recipes → General Settings.

Prep time #

The length of time it takes to prepare ingredients and workspace for the dish.

Cook time #

The time it takes to actually cook the dish.

Yield #

The quantity produced by the recipe. For example: number of people served, or number of servings.

Description #

Short description of the recipe. Showed at the beginning of the recipe card. Setting the description is not required.

Ingredients #

Below the recipe description you can set the ingredient lists for the recipe.

Insert the amount, unit and name of the ingredients in the fields. Ingredient name is the only required value, as all ingredients don't have an exact amount.

You can also have separate ingredient lists. Just insert a title between ingredient lists.

When you insert amounts as fractions, it is important to have a space between the whole number and the fraction. For example 1 1/2. Also, you should use only numbers in the amount field to make sure that the servings size adjustment works as it should.

If you enable the option to show change servings buttons the ingredient amounts are adjusted to the new servings. Adjustment is pretty intelligent how it adjusts the values but you should also make sure that you input ingredient amounts as careful as possible.

You can use values like these and they will work with the servings adjustment.

Important! Use the Unit column to input the unit. Do not use the Amount column for unit.

Instructions #

In the Instructions section you can use ordered lists to write the instructions for the recipe.

You can have multiple instructions for example for dough, sauce etc. You can also use images and paragraphs in the instructions.

When adding a title you can use a keyboard shortcut: write #### Your title and the text automatically converted into a title with a semantically correct level. If you insert a title with the Add block button, you will have to change the heading level if you want to keep the outputted HTML semantical.

Just like adding a title with a shortcut you can use a shortcut to add an ordered (numeric) list. Write 1. Your text and an ordered list block is automatically created. Using the keyboard shortcuts speeds up writing the instructions noticeably.

Nutrition Facts #

You can optionally set nutrition facts for the recipe. At Appearance → Customize → Yummy Recipes → Cards you can choose if you want to display daily values in the nutrition facts.

Calories #

The number of calories in each serving produced with this recipe. If calories is defined, yield must be defined with the number of servings.

Video #

You can embed a video to blog posts and recipes. To insert a video add the URL of the video in the Video URL field.

Which embed services are supported?

Taxonomies #

You can set course, cuisine, special diet, skill level, collection, and tags for the recipe. The taxonomies can be set in the sidebar of the post editor.

It's not required to set every taxonomy on all recipes, but setting up the taxonomies comprehensively will make it much easier for the users to search recipes.